Seeking assistance with newly created project

A fully open Electronic Logging Device (ELD) for drivers of Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs) in the USA.

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Basically, I just feel like this should exist as an OSS project and don’t really have enough spare time to finish it very quickly.  Currently, the FMCSA is allowing creators of these devices to “self certify” them.  I suspect that it will not be a very long time before they stop doing this and move to a certification method which may make it difficult, or even impossible, to introduce a free option to the market.  Corporations are charging hundreds of dollars for poorly implemented devices right now, and truck drivers are being required to purchase and use one.

This is actually a relatively simple piece of hardware coupled with a relatively simple piece of software.  I have read all of the specifications released by FMCSA about a year ago, and when I find everything I will begin to add everything to the project and develop parts of the system.  I’m really just looking for anyone who would be willing to work on the project with me so that a working version may be developed while self certification is still possible and a viable OSS option can be introduced into this market.

I’m really new to github, so even guidance on how to accomplish what I am seeking in this post would be appreciated.