Seeking a Workable Solution to the Y-Axis Slippage on Anet A8

9/16/2020 8:58:01 AM


We are having some serious difficulties trying to solve Y-Axis slipping on the Anet A8 printer. We are seeking a little hand holding to assess and more importantly solve the problem. However, it is important to explain that we are not experts or programmers by any means – which is why we are seeking your assistance. Likewise, we are not users of facebook or other forms of social media. Steps taken to understand and solve this problem:

  1. Changed the y-axis pulley from non-toothed to a toothed wheel to remove printing lines
  2. We have exhausted a lot of research through reading online articles
  3. Watched several videos of similar problems by others
  4. Printed and installed several sets of additional y-axis tensioners
  5. Cannot move the bed with the most moderate tension on the belt after disabling steppers
    a. Bed only seems to move on the motor pulley without any belt tension
  6. Printed with multiple adjustments to the tensioner
    a. Printed with very loose
    b. Printed while not seeing a gap in the belt while printing (as recommended on thingiverse)
    c. Tried printing while the belt was slightly tight
    d. Tried printing while the belt was very tight
    e. Gradually loosened the belt and printed in every gradual adjustment
  7. Wait between prints to see if internal motor parts need time to cool down
    a. The idea that parts get heated and impact movement was understood from reading P#2 in this link (
  8. Reached out to you tube video makers on the problem to seek some assistance
  9. Considered installing a new non slip motor as is suggested by this link ( only to find that there is absolutely no space under the heating bed to install a larger motor.
  10. Adjusted the tension in the bed springs
  11. Made sure there is adequate (not too much) lubrication on the y-axis pulleys
  12. Made sure the y-axis tensioners are not rubbing against the belt pulley while moving
    Our set up:

After installing Marlin Bugfix 2.0 on our new V1.7 board, we never changed any of the Marlin program settings for this Anet A8 printer. This is important because among our research into solving this problem, the text in this link ( suggests changing the cura image settings in Marlin. No, we do not have sufficient information or anyone from Marlin supporting this recommendation or there to guide such changes.


Likewise, since it mentions cura image settings, we checked Cura for our settings as illustrated. While the thingiverse link suggests settings at 8, none of our cura settings exceed a range between 5 and 7. We think those settings are moderate enough not to cause the kinds of layer shifting we are experiencing. However, if you feel they should be adjusted, we will do so.

If you suggest we purchase a more professional and dependable y-axis stepper motor, what kind should it be that can fit under our printer? Of course, we do want a strong and reliable motor.

Uploading: P1030606.JPG… Uploading: P1030607.JPG… Uploading: P1030673.JPG… Uploading: P1030674.JPG…
The Grey Benchy was the last print made on the Anet that did not have difficulties. However, the blue example has become a norm among all prints with vertical depth.

Likewise, the cell phone shield that was printed last night resulted in the elongated (not by design) print in the attached image.

1/13/2021 10:04:19 AM


We think we have a workable solution.

We are not sure but believe that some internal parts of the original y-axis motor were damaged. We have since purchased another motor from Anet and are testing it for functionality and accuracy.