Seeing : 'config' errors / 'make 'errors whilst trying to 'compile' a cloned repository on local drive

Hello everyone,

Absolutely new but trying to learn.

System Version:|macOS 11.6
Kernel Version:|Darwin 20.6.0

Working with Homebrew on iTerm

I have cloned an impressive looking git repository:

<git clone GitHub - windytan/deinvert: A voice inversion descrambler (and scrambler).>

that I would consider vital to my current situation, and have tried to ./configure / make/ cmake / automake / install / it locally, all to no avail.

All prerequisites / recommendations successfully fulfilled:

“On macOS:”

xcode-select --install
brew install libsndfile liquid-dsp automake

However, I am failing to trigger the correct next step from the Readme next steps:

" Compiling

./configure [--without-liquid] [--without-sndfile]

[i have already 'brew install'ed / 'brew update'd / 'brew audit'ed / 'brew doctor'd etc the above dependency files] i have read a decent amount of the README, help files and into files available but unfortunately have not been clued up enough to sort out my issue.

The error I am seeing on auditing the main repository is:

git:(master) brew audit deinvert
  * Head-only (no stable download)
Error: 1 problem in 1 formula detected

-this is despite all apparent(?) files and subfiles appearing in ~local/cellar

I am sorry if this is covered elsewhere, there were similar threads but none I thought addressed this specifically. any advise would be gratefully received.

Further - I only require a deinvert for a single WAV file. 

Thank you,