Security strategy essentials not able to pass 3rd step

Did try for couple of times to complete this course but stuck at the same step, check PR above and please advise me how can I overcome this issue?

Hi @frikit :wave:

Sorry to hear you gotten a bit stuck here.

Please let us know what you have tried and what the result was.
I’m afraid the information given doesn’t let us know the specific problem you are facing.

I have done exact steps which was given to me by the bot.

Look at PR bot said to me to fix one issue with version I did that multiple times look at the commit history and bot don’t take my response as correct one.

Now you can look here exact same scenario exact same code and for this user bot accepted his answer…

What else I can do to help you?

Exact same steps exact same scenario in this repository and it is working

It looks like you were able to get past that step! :tada:
That pull request has been merged. It’s now asking you to move on to the next step.

I am not sure what you are talking about but mine is still at the same step:

I have given you an example for the repository which does the same thing as myself and it pass but mine not pass