Security Rounds and Asset Tracking with NFC

Dear GitHub-Community,

I want to develop an easy to use system for security rounds and asset tracking for technical equipment using NFC-Technology. Our technicians use Android-Phones and I already ordered some NFC-Stickers to place them near critical assets which have to be checked daily, weekly, etc.

The goal I want to achieve is, that when a technician holds his NFC-enabled Phone near the NFC-Sticker, we get a notification with the time when the given asset has been checked in an excel sheet or sth similar. The problem here is, that most of the technical equipment is in cellars, where our technicians have no Internet Connection. I though about putting an NFC-Sticker as hub near our office, which then integrates the saved data from the phone.

Is it possible to solve this connectivity problem and how is it possible to integrate the data from the NFC-Stickers in a file? If you have another suggestion I’m also open for new ways.

Appreciate your help :slight_smile: