Security alerts section not saving changes

I searched and did not see anything so opening this.

I’m trying to understand how to use the Respoitory > Settings Tab > Security alerts section as it appears to not be functioning as it used to.

I am trying to provide existing people and teams access to security alerts within my organization. I have a team that is currently attached to the repository in question with “write” permissions. When I go to the settings/alerts page/section in the Settings tab I can “Search for people or teams” with the team name and locate them. I select them and they appear to add. However, clicking save changes refreshes the page and the team is not added. I have reproduced this in both firefox *and* chrome.

Am I using this interface incorrectly or is this a bug? Is there anything I should look into on my end? Requests appear to function correctly on the developer tab and it returns a 200 on hitting save. The blue “alert options saved” bar appears across the top.

Let me know what additional infromation I can provide. Thanks!

bump. I’m seeing this issue as well. Exactly as described by OP.