Second page not working :/

i’m new to github. I uploaded 2 html pages + some css , some imgs and scripts , the first page works just fine , but when i click on the second page it doesn’t work, it just give me the 404 error.

help please .

Hi there. 👋

I found three issues, one which can be solved two ways, first your submissions page, GitHub pages resolved the routes in a case-sensitive manner, meaning submission.html isn’t the same as submission.HTML, so one way to fix that is to either change the href in your html files to point to submission.HTML or simply change the file extension to the lowercase html.

And the same will go for all your files, for e.g. your About.html will match that file name, not the fully lowercase version, speaking of your about page, the anchor tags reference is wrong there on Line 17 in your index.html <a href="BassSlayer About"> that should point to your filename href="filename.html.

Thirdly and last one, BassSlayer Submission.HTML, uppercase extension and space in the filename, spaces in the URL bar will translate into %20, which is the encoding for a single space, so no spaces in the filenames, if you need to simulate a space between words or characters, you can use a dash -, that’s a pretty normal standard. :+1:

Hope that helps. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for taking time to respond. I noticed that uppercase extension after i posted this and i fixed it but it still won’t work :confused:

oh nvm :sweat_smile: I fixed it i was so confused i only changed it in atom and not in the branch :sweat_smile: .
Thanks aloooot :heart:

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