Searching for programmers

Hello, I‘m searching for programmers to make a small but fun game, as I don‘t know to make a game by myself. I just want my ideas to not only be ideas. If people want to jump in, we can discuss more about it.

Hi @start-citus !

I don’t think this board is a good place to post a question like that, but if you’re allowed to, sorry!

To reply to your question, I’m following Elena Tandara. She made a Rock Paper Scissors game on a website and I like it! I can give ideas if you want, but not the code if it’s oustside of Python or HTML. I’m more comfy with those languages, even though I know other ones :grinning:.

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I thiught this was the most appropriate to post because I‘m not experienced with GitHub. And thanks! But yeah, I‘m looking for people that know how to make games, 2D as 3D if possible :). I‘m gonna look for her, thanks for the advice! And yes, money doesn‘t play any role right now as we‘re just in a brainstorming phase.

Oh, ok @start-citus !

This is the link to Elena’s GitHub: Elena Tandara

Oh and please ignore that invite in your email I changed my mind sorry…

Ok thanks.

Nevermind then.

Hi @start-citus,

Thanks for being part of the GitHub Community Forum! We’re glad you’re here!

Although you mentioned money is not involved yet, we don’t want to have job listings on the Community Forum right now.  We want to make sure you’re getting the best support you can, but this forum may not be the right place for this particular request.  

You are more likely to get a useful response if you are explicit about what your project entails, giving a few more details might help someone give you a nudge in the right directions.  Also sharing more detail about the project ideas that you already have may help you to get better response from the community and improve collaboration.

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