Searching for locked issues

According to the documentation here, it should be possible to filter for locked issues by searching for is:issue is:locked within a repo. However, this doesn’t seem to have any effect: All issues are returned. Same for is:unlocked. Am I missing something obvious?

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I think this is a lack of clarity in documentation - and we have an issue open to fix that.

The repository level searches are a filter search, and don’t support all search qualifiers. locked is one of the unsupported ones.

If you use the same search in the global search, you should find that it works for you as described.


repo:github/gh-ost is:issue is:unlocked


repo:github/gh-ost is:issue is:locked

Should return different sets.

Thanks for the quick reply! I didn’t realize there was a distinction between global and repo-level search with regard to supported filters. Good to know!

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