Searching for a Git\github "buddy"

Hi all!
I’m not sure that this is the right place for a questions like this, but I will try my luck.

I’m searching for someone to help me find my way in the git\Github. Thought that I am a intelligent person, untill I got to Github :rofl:

I try to learn and read, made it trough the first level in Github lab, but still it has no connection with my understanding :rofl:

any help will be appreciated.

Hi @Eldorado82

We would suggest sharing your question details as you go along here for insight or feedback from the community. I see that you have already started on that approach and have gotten some replies from other community member in another topic (Beginners question). So glad that you are getting connected with the community!

Incase you also haven’t come across this doc Git and GitHub learning resources, there are a number of different interactive online courses or demos for Git and and GitHub linked there that you may prefer to try.

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