Searching/filtering forks (not related to "code search in forks")

I’d like to know if there is some search syntax which perhaps I missed, to filter a list of forks.
Some projects have literally thousands forks, most of which are simply mirrors or behind the original project, and in those cases I’d like to be able to filter only those that have some commits ahead.
If there’s a way involving some scripting (REST API maybe), that’s fine too.

Offhand, it looks like the rest API is pretty bare:

I’d be more likely to scrape the network graph:

I haven’t looked into detail at how it’s generated, but I suspect, on average, that it’s a better feed than the default streams.

On the :heavy_plus_sign: side, there’s a:

Please give us feedback on your usage of this feature.

In the case of the Linux graph, the feedback can be :wink: :

It doesn’t load :-1:

Yeah, there isn’t much there right now.

I have used this in the past: