SearchAPI (repo): updated_at or pushed_at are outside the range specified by 'pushed'

for example with the following query


for the most part the results are ok, but occasionally i get Items with the following keys:

    name: 'GabrielVerdani/projeto-demo-day-react',
    pushed_at: '2021-12-14T21:44:53Z',
    updated_at: '2021-12-09T23:55:11Z'


    name: 'FaztWeb/react-router-tutorial',
    pushed_at: '2021-12-09T23:58:35Z',
    updated_at: '2021-12-24T22:30:37Z'

notice that in each one of these results a different key is outside the range specified by ‘pushed’

is it possible that this qualifier returns repos that were EITHER updated_at OR pushed_at in the specified range?
or does this qualifier filter by something else entirely