Search starred repositories

The command palette is very useful feature, but I was wondering if there was a way to search for starred repositories. I didn’t see this in the “Searching with the GitHub Command Palette” documentation so perhaps it is not yet available. Or maybe there is a different keystroke function?



@davidruvolo51 this is not something we support (yet), but I’ve added it to our backlog to consider. Thanks for taking the time to request this feature!

This was the first thing I tried to do too. Not just searching my starred repositories, but also just being able to jump to my “Your stars” list. Similarly there’s no way to jump to “Your gists”.

I agree, even though I know it’s not a feature yet I still naturally pop open the command palette and start searching keywords that match what I’m looking for from in my starred repos. It would be great to be able to narrow down the scope to what you are searching within even if it has to be designated, something like: ‘/stars keywords’

I want this too! This is the first thing I tried to do.

@lilyball @chiefmikey @fishiu thanks for also sharing your feedback! We’re working on improvements to the search results now that include the ability to navigate to “Your stars” and “Your gists” from the command palette. Similarly we will be considering how we could improve the weighting of results to better prioritize repos you have starred.

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