Search results in weird order or no search results

When I search for the name of a repository I have forked (which I renamed to xyz-website) , it shows the original repository (which was named xyz) as the only result. I expect a repository I have made to be ranked above any other repo.

Searching the exact term xyz-website shows no results even thought I have a repo with the exam name (maybe because it is a fork I renamed? not sure)

Also, could you take a look at Discord’s quick switcher? It is similar to GitHub command palette, but works very well. It works like a user would expect, maybe you could copy a few features from it like order of words in search query not making a difference (users might expect searching user repo and repo user to return the same results in command palette. order shouldn’t matter since this is meant to be a tool that allows you to search quickly), or #,@ and ! filters, etc?