Search in a specific Github Repo with the Github v4 API


I’m trying to make a query that allows me to serach in a specific repo. As i understand the type: Repository arg it searches in every repo on github. 

To give a example of what i would like to do: 

query SearchRepo($searchString: String!) {
      organization(login: "FOO") {
        repository(name: "bar") {
        search(query: $searchString, type: REPOSITORY, first: 10) {
             ... on Blob {

Now i know that that that query does not work, so my question is if someone knows a workaround for this or if it simply is not possible to search in a specific repo using the v4 API.

Thank you

If you want to search for code within a specific repository, as stated in this previous post, that’s not currently enabled in the GraphQL API. Your query, as currently formulated with type: REPOSITORY, searches  for a repository, not  within a repository.

I hope that helps!