Search Github repo names using regexp


I would like to search for Github repos having names ending with .com. How do I do that?
I tried in:name \.com$ but it didn’t work.


That would be a nice feature to have (but I guess it might bloat the search engine performance).

I’ve stumbled many times upon this limitation, and the best I could come up with would be to use a delimited string ".com" which can enforce the dot in the matches, although it won’t grant the match to be in the final position.

You might further narrow down the matches to repository names:

If you find a solution, please do share it here!

A possible custom solution would be to create an independent project that keeps an up-to-date index all the repositories names via GH API, and then offers a search interface that allows filtering results via RegEx (and other useful constraints like starts, not being a fork, etc.).

Maybe if a significant number of users demand this feature it could be done.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t grant the match for .com in any position. How do I escape the .?

I tried in:name ".com", in:name \.com, in:name '.com' but nothing worked.

Then there isn’t much you can do. I often use delimited strings when I need a search which must contain two space-separated words, but ultimately I have no insights on how GH search engine interpret the strings.

From the documentation (linked previously) there doesn’t seem a way to handle escaping, so my guess is that GH’s search engine has its own rules to sanitize strings and carry out searches. Unfortunately RegExs dosn’t seem to be currently supported.

Since the number of repos is huge, and growing, it would definitely be good to have some new search functionalities like you describe, to be able to narrow down search. It might be worth opening a feature request for this. I’m not sure where that should be done.