Search for public repos that need volunteers

Hi guys,

I have some spare time and I’m looking for projects that welcomes volunteers with specific skills.
I already checked the Trending repositories on GitHub today · GitHub page, I could filter the popular projects by spoken language and main programming language, but it only shows 25 repos and it’s not obvious for me which project needs volunteers.

Do you know a way to find projects to join with a particular skillset?

The other part of my question is that I’m the current maintainer of a project called freerouting and I would love to see volunteers to join the project, especially because the project would need different skills that I have.

What do you think, what is the best way to indicate that we would need volunteers?

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One way to attract attention is to mark issues with the “Help Wanted” label. There are a few sites that will pull them up for you including filtering. E.g. this or this.

You’ll want to add as many appropriate tags to your repo as you can, to attract folks who are interested in some aspect of your project.

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