Search doesn't find repos

I get this issue for some time (I think since the redesign of the repo view…)

I try to search e.g. proton-ge-custom but don’t get this repo displayed - only a repo named proton-ge-custom-updater

Same issue when I tried to search for the FF13Fix repo - only found code which mentioned this but not the repo itself

It’s getting really annoying…

Who is the owner of these repositories you mentioned? I didn’t find them under your name. Are you sure they aren’t private?

It’s more of a general issue - not distinct to this examples

In both of those cases, they are forks and not original repositories. I’m not sure if this was intended to be this way, but that’s probably the cause of this problem.

I found this article that talks about how to find a list of forks for a repository:

And here is a web app by @techguan that finds all forks for a repository:

Would be pretty stupid if your search couldn’t find this repos but files from forks of these repos which mention them.
Not exactly user-friendly…

Previously this worked, too.