Search box is getting scrolled to and focused when a letter is typed, even when I have deliberately clicked outside of that search box to unfocus it

I am reviewing a pull request with a few longer files in it
and have scrolled down several pages worth of files to get to a place that I need to look at
and I click somewhere on the code displayed in the file that is visible on screen, or double click to select a word that is visible on screen. This now has set the input focus to that click location or text.

Expected : any stray letter I hit on the keyboard at this point does nothing, as there is nothing to do when nothing actionable is focused in the UI.
Actual: The page scrolls all the way back up to the top and puts the stray keypress into the search box.

This is really frustrating, especially when you have “heavy fingers” or a medical condition like involuntary spasms in the hands or fingers. Search isnt important if I have scrolled off of where its visible on the page. If I want to search, I will scroll back to the top of the page and click in the search box before typing.

I’m trying to understand by words, so, what is this, it’s always going back to the top of the page when you press a key?

if you can provide screenshots, that will be better,

Yes, even when I have removed focus from that input element, typing a letter key is forcing that input element to be focused and scrolls the entire page to show that input element