Search and/or the graph API to get the site information for the loggedin user

We are needing to get the following information from either search and/or the graph API using single API call. 

  • Get a list of all my sites I have access to
    • we are currently using search and the contentclass:STS_Site / STS_Web mechanics
  • Get a list of all my sites I am a member of (contributor access)
  • Get a list of all sites I am an owner
  • Get a list of sites I am a site collection admin
  • Get a list of sites I am a primary owner
    • We can do this with powershell – but can we somehow get access via search or graph?

                                         Get-SPOUser -Site | where {$_.IsSiteAdmin

  • Frequently accessed sites by me
  • Last accessed site by me

Note: Above information need to be retrieved from the overall list of 15k+ sites and shown in the O365 Page

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