Scrollbar support for dark mode

One thing you could add in dark mode would have been a multicolored that adds a little bit of the feel of the dark mode theme


Strongly support adding whatever styling possible to make scrollbars blend better with the theme.

The first thing I noticed after switching on GitHub’s dark theme beta was that my scrollbars (Win10, with dark mode enabled) were still white. It’s jarring. Might be a Chrome thing, though. Firefox-using friend reports to me that his scrollbars are dark.


Thanks @aryankpoor & @dgw for sharing the feedback! We weren’t able to get scrollbars working the way we wanted to across all browsers ahead of the launch, but this is prioritized high in our backlog to review now that we’ve released the beta.


That’s great news, @gaknoll! I, for one, will try to act surprised when the scrollbars start working as intended in Chrome. :wink:


Need a little modify on the scrollbar when use the dark mode so it make the UI feels better then i think if the developer add octocat emoji will be nice :grin:

Hi @allithio - thanks for sharing this feedback! I’m going to merge this with a few other scrollbar comments, but it is something that is on our roadmap to investigate further.
I’ve also added a feature request to our backlog to support an Octocat emoji! :raised_hands:

Hello @gaknoll and I want that ia found some bugs maybe, that explore, marketplace, and other pages not change into dark mode yet. I think it will be better when we use the dark mode then all off the service is going to dark mode too, and I want to suggest if the star button on the repository list have a light color or accent to make it easy to use for the users and also give some a little good persona, and also I want to say that if GitHub have a fame of hall or badges that we can to share and shown on our profile, I think it can to make it better and grow the community bigger again and again, Thank a lot ~ THIO ALLI

GitHub on Edge has a dark Chromium-style scrollbar for me. I found this surprising, as I have not seen this on any other website. Is this a Chromium feature or is this a custom scrollbar style that imitates the default Chromium one?


This can be fixed in Chrome (87.0.4280.88) by going to the “Experiments” screen and force-enabling the experimental “Web Form Controls Dark Mode” feature.

Detailed steps:

  1. Enter chrome://flags in the address bar (aka. omnibox).
  2. Search for #form-controls-dark-mode.
  3. Set the dropdown to Enabled.
  4. Restart Chrome as requested.
  5. Enjoy your dark scrollbars, form controls, etc.

Thanks @allithio for all the additional feedback! We didn’t quite get to the Explore and Marketplace views before the initial beta release but have them on our backlog to fix soon. We also can’t wait until users don’t have to see flashes between dark and light modes as they navigate through GitHub. I’ll be sure to share your suggestion for badges with our community!
Please don’t hesitate to share any other bugs you find :pray:

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I am not 100% sure @adrianghc! But we haven’t yet worked on any custom scrollbar implementations so it must be Chromium


The dark themed GitHub is just amazing. There’s one issue I came across: In the projects panel, the scroll bars are still white.


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Thanks for reporting this @josiahsrc! I’m going to merge this with a similar topic that suggests some workarounds until we are able to able to investigate the viability of a more systematic approach to fixing scrollbars

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@josiahsrc See my reply above for a workaround: Scrollbar support for dark mode


This fix worked great! I look forward to the more systematic approach. Thanks @gaknoll @thomasjo


I love the new Darkmode! But would it be possible to also stlye the scrollbars in a darkisch way? The light grey bars are really ugly in the dark context…

@Iqwertz it’s on our backlog to look into! In the meantime I’m going to merge this with another topic where a workaround has been shared for Chrome

You’d have to wait for Chrome to update. Currently only Edge and Firefox (sort of) supports the color-scheme meta property, which allows for the dark themed user agent styling and dark scroll bar. There’s nothing that can be done for now and any custom scroll bar implementation would end up being a worse experience for those who are using the latest browsers.