Script timeout exceed 360 minutes

@brightran or any other

Im using a pages-deploy.yml for a Jekyll theme, the build step is big because there are many markdown files, and getting

The job running on runner Hosted Agent has exceeded the maximum execution time of 360 minutes.

I tried to add

timeout-minutes: 1200

then got

You have an error in your yaml syntax on line 21

pipiscrew /

please advise.

Hi @pipiscrew, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! It looks like that link to your workflow file is not valid and it’s difficult to find the syntax error in your workflow without being able to see the full file. Can you post a direct link your workflow file so we can take a look?


hi :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting that! It looks like you’ve removed the timeout-minutes section from your most recent version of this file, but looking back in your history it seems like there were some syntax issues with your YAML file.

YAML is whitespace sensitive language meaning the indentation of your code needs to be correct or your file won’t be read correctly. It also looks like you were attempting to add it with the steps. prefix, which would also not be valid.

If you’d like to add it back you should be able to do so either at the job level or the step level in the following ways:

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    timeout-minutes: 1200
  - name: Checkout
    timeout-minutes: 1200
    uses: actions/checkout@v2

I’d also recommend making sure your YAML is valid by either using the online actions editor, a YAML validator in your local dev environment, or pasting your workflow file into a site like

oh no!

thanks for quick reply.

just started, lets see!

I feel your pain! :joy: Feel free to ping me here if you run into any more trouble with it and I can take a look again.


you know, how its, just got the theme and install it, no idea about YAML… I would like to see if it will be able to ‘standup’ with 14.5k markdown posts :wink: