hi, i am new. I would like to know when they will reply to my message, if I sent today at 20:02, I can also contribute to the improvement of the Scrcpy program (perhaps adding functions, pixel quality …). Thank you. PS: I would like to make this program (scrcpy) work for IOS too. Thanks, maybe I’ll program it

If you are talking about

Then only maintainer themselves can answer this question.

I was fed up with all the typing into the command prompt and all the typos I make, so as I also wanted to learn to code (well improve my coding), I have created a basic gui for adb and scrcpy using c#. I used c# as it is supposedly an easy language to learn and use. I am going to rewrite it in C++ when time allows. Anyway I have used Costura to build a stand-alone exe. It  is much smaller than I was expecting, at about 130KB so not sure if I got the build right. I thought  with all the dependencies it would be many MB.

Also you can use many basic ADB commands (install apk, update apk, reboot device etc).

The only typing needed is the IP address and port number. All the rest is done with the mouse.

You can create multiple scrcpy connections and save the settings to config files (one for each devcie etc), so no typing needed at all once this is done.

It is a work in progress but is usable. I need to improve the code and do some bug checking and make it look nicer (colour theme etc) and am working on that now.

I would really appreciate it if someone would be willing to test it on a system to see if it works as a stand-alone exe without having visual studio installed ( I only have the one PC so cannot test myself).

If you are willing to give this a go please reply or message me.

Many thanks.

Hey. I am really trying to use scrcpy in my C# project.

I wonder how you managed to make one. If you have the source code or

guide me I will really respect. If you don’t mind please help me. I can check the .exe file also.

Hi, I would be interested to test the standalone version of SCRCPY on windows 10 system at the school I work at, in order to connect my tablet without needing the administrator privilege to install it. Would it be possible to give it a go? Thanks a million!