Scope "repo:status" : access to public repos only.



The scope “repo:status” does not allow us to retreive private repos list as I understand from the documentation “Grants read/write access to public and private repository commit statuses. This scope is only necessary to grant other users or services access to private repository commit statuses without granting access to the code.”

The way we access the commits data is as follows:

  1. Get the list of repos

    GET /user/repos

  2. Get the commits for each repos 

    GET /repos/{'workspace}/{repos}/commits

Unfortunately, the list we receive at step 1. only contains the public repos. If we change the scopes to “repo”, we get the complete list. But these scopes are way more than we need and we’d like to avoid asking for access to the code. 

Are we doing anything wrong? Is there an other way to get all the commits with the “repos:status” scopes? Or is there a bug with this scope? 

Well, it sounds funny but the documentation states that you receive access for “public and private repository commit statuses”.

I doesn’t state that you are receiving access to the repositories themselves, as it states in the “repo” scope:
“That includes read/write access to code, commit statuses, repository and organization projects, …”.

Maybe they are intending the “repo:status” scope for webhooks only?

Anyway, I would contact them directly to get the answer ASAP -

Thanks, I’ll contact them. 

I’ve come across the same issue today. Did you get any response from the support that you could share?