Scikit-learn installation issue

I have created a virtualenv and after activating it I have been trying to install sklearn or scikit-learn package but it stuck and throwing lots of error. whenever i install other lib such as pandas, joblib , etc. it works fine. this skelarn dependencies are taking unsual time. am not getting where i made mistke. BTW i using mcbook m1. below is error which looks infinite to me:

Posting screenshots of error logs like this one might not be a good idea because they reveal some sensitive information about your local machine. Also, screenshots are less readable than pasting the error log into the post. Pasting the error log as text allows to first replace sensitive info like user name, custom folders, etc., with dummy values, since for the sake of interpreting the error message are just as good.

The error message is telling you that you are missing some required libraries (e.g. Lapack), so you should start by installing those, by visiting the links indicated in the error message.

yeah i got that actually git didnt allow me to keep more than 2 links so i took screen shot. anyways this problm is open in git. thnx