School request for Education GitHub Campus Program - no response?

I have sumbitted a number of Partner School requests for Education GitHub Campus Program and have never  been able to get a repsonse. I am looking forward to making progress but need a way to get someone’s attention.

We are an school that awards accredited Masters and PhD degrees (although our domain is a .org).

I have checked spam, and I routinely get emails from GitHub.


Hi @sespy,

Thanks for being here! Please message us at, and we’ll see what we can do. Feel free to reference this post and ask for Andrea. 

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Thanks for pointing me in the right diretion, @andreagriffiths11, but since I emailed to weeks ago as suggested, I have not gotten any response. Having a terrible time finding anyone who can help me get this moved forward.



HI @sespy,

Apologies for delay, I was out on a conference and neglected to set up a follow up. I’ve found your message and have escalated to the education team, you should have an email from them shortly.

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Thanks so much for your help!

Hi Stephen, 

I have just emailed you!
I sincerely apologizes for the delay! We had an internal error and our new GitHub Campus Program applications were not getting through. It is now fixed - again, my sincerest apologizes. 

@jen-k and I will be helping you going forward.

I look forward to working with you soon!