School Management System

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Please I am looking for school Management system, if some has please let me know.

thank you




Please clarify what it exactly is that you are looking for.

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thank you for reply, I am looking for students registration , attendence , exam etc 

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This might be close to what you’re looking for:


thank you for reply, please how I can download available on 

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Just go through this link and you will definitely get your solution.

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Go to In the upper left corner of the page is a search box. Typing in “school management” returns 5,123 repositories.


There are following School management system with tons of features …

Hi I am looking for SRS of school management system. Can you help me with that please?

My name is rashid and currently i am using IQminds school manage system software it’s available at affordable price with useful features like managing students, attendance, exam, hr payroll, teacher and staff etc. Contact me or visit the link to get the best school management system software in dubai UAE.