Scheduled reminders wants slack upgrade, slack says it's up to date

I’m trying to use scheduled reminders in my org, but I’m getting mixed messages.

The scheduled reminders page says “Before using scheduled reminders, you must upgrade your Slack Integration.” When I click on the link, it takes me to a page that says " The Slack app by github is already up to date". What’s going on?

I uninstalled the slack app from my org, and reinstalled it, and this is still happening.


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We have the application installed and have that error message as well, however as I have already configured the notifications previously, I can still make changes to it.

Unsure if this is related or not, but we seem to be having issues getting notifications sent from Scheduled Reminders in the first place, this was functional less than 24 hours ago, and has been working for months.

I have tried sending test notifications from Sign in to GitHub · GitHub as well. Is this related to the ongoing maintenance in any way at all? To me it doesn’t seem likely. GitHub Status - Sunsetting API Authentication via Query Parameters, and the OAuth Applications API

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