Scheduled Reminders "Required labels" filter is using OR instead of AND

It seems that since a roughly a week the behaviour of “Scheduled reminders” has changed. We have multiple “Required labels” defined. This used to remind only on PRs that had ALL those labels. Now it seems to remind on PRs that have ANY of those labels.

Was there a recent change in how that field is interpreted? I tried things like using “&”, “AND” instead of the “,” for the label names. And also tried putting the label names (which contain spaces) into quotes.
The help text still states “Comma separated labels to require e.g. Needs Review”.

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I’ve just had a look at the documentation and right now it does seem to indicate it’s an any situation, which of course doesn’t help much given that it was working for you otherwise.

Under “Required labels”, type a comma-separated list of labels. Scheduled reminders will only include pull requests that haven’t already been ignored, if they have one or more of these labels.

Had a quick glance in the documentation history and there hasn’t been a change there in several months.

Without examples it is hard to debug. Do you have any public examples of where it worked/now doesn’t?

I don’t have this setup on a public repo anywhere.
I re-tested right now and the issue still remains. Weird that nobody else is experiencing this :thinking: .

@canuckjacq I could DM you the name of the private repo, if that helps to debug.

Please open a ticket. It can be handled in private support.

I got a response from support:
It turns out that the previous AND behaviour for Required labels was considered a bug and was recently fixed. It now has a OR behaviour, which is considered the correct behaviour by github.

Not great for my use case :confused: