Scheduled Reminders not working?

If I setup a slack reminder via scheduled reminders, I never receive one. I don’t even get a slack message when I click “Update and test.” Has anyone experienced something similar? Any ideas on how to fix?


Sorry I don’t have a fix, but I am currently experiencing the same issue. I’ve tried configuring reminders for personal, team and organizational level, but get nothing sent to slack.

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Im having the same issue… any guidance would be great!

Similar problem: I tried setting it up for an organization, but I can’t see any of the repositories except one when I select “Only select repositories”.

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Out of the blue I just today received the reminder on the schedule that I setup a few weeks ago. Perhaps they’ve addressed the issue and you should try again.

I’m having the same issue, however I found out today that Scheduled Reminders don’t seem to work for private repos as they are not selectable in the dropdown to Select Repositories. This page makes no mention of this limitation either

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I see private repositories in this list, but not all repositories. In the begin i thought that it is becaused others are forks. But now i have one repository that is private but does not appear in list. And i don’t know real reason behind it, in compare with repos i see i don’t see difference. 

Same. This feature is useless to our team without being able to select within the repos we have access to.

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Same issue here. We don’t see any scheduled reminders for our org org/team.

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It seems like everyone in the comapany I work for is experiencing this issue as well. No notifications are getting send to slack. Sometimes people get random notifications, but mostly not.

I actually just figured this out, though I’m not 100% sure this will work for everyone else, so give it a try. My issue was specifically that some repos didn’t post notifications/reminders in Slack. If you’re having intermittent issues for the same repo, I imagine that’s something that would be coincide with an incident at - If not, I’d submit a ticket to GitHub support.

Basically, under my organization’s settings, I had to go to Installed GitHub Apps -> Slack configure, then change it from being enabled for specific repositories, to being enabled for all repositories. I imagine it would also work to simply add the repositories you want to also add scheduled reminders for.

But if you choose to “Schedule Reminders” -> your-slack-channel -> “All repositories”, it will be restricted only to the repositories that have Slack enabled for them, which makes sense.


That fixed it for me too! Thanks for sharing.

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We were having the same issues past few months where we were not getting a single reminder, but it seems to be working now. What solved for us is, we were trying to add a new reminder, but this time it gave us an error saying

We don’t seem to have access to this channel. Can you invite the GitHub bot to this Slack channel and try again?

After adding access to the slack channel by running /invite @github, reminders are working.