Scheduled reminders limits to 5 repos

My organization uses scheduled reminders for twice daily PR prodding across all our repos. We have 10+ active repos, and as of right now, scheduled reminders slack integration only shows a maximum of 5 repos at a time. Is this expected behavior? We have scheduled reminders configured for all repos at the moment. Also, the repos selected seem to be random between each notification, there is no definite pattern.

Hi @tom-con :wave:

Sorry for the long wait to get an update here.
The way that scheduled reminders currently works is that it will only deliver up to 5 repositories worth of information to the user. The job will select all repositories with pull requests, and once it has found 5 repositories with pull requests that need to go out, it stops looking/notifying even if there are more.

There is a workaround.
Add 5 repositories per scheduled reminder. You can create as many scheduled reminders as you want. This will allow your team to get all reminders to come through.

@ernest-phillips Appreciate the response, thank you!