Scheduled reminders in private channel

I have a problem with “scheduled reminders” that although the @github app is on the channel, it returns this message “The channel (my-channel) was not found. Check that it exists and that @github has been invited to it”

This channel on slack is private, but I don’t think that’s the problem.

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Sorry it’s taken so long for someone to get to you. We’ve made quite a few improvements to scheduled reminders recently, and I think there were some changes to Slack’s API that caused some problems too. Are you still experiencing this issue?

If so, can you let me know what you see if you go into the relevant Slack channel and type /github please?

Could you also please confirm that the GitHub App in Slack has been explicitly granted access to the channel you’re trying to use?

We’re seeing the same issue on an organisation account. The channel exists in slack, we’ve invited GitHub App and granted permissions however in the GitHub UI it can’t see the channel.

“The channel (xxxx) was not found. Check that it exists and that @github has been invited to it”

I’m experiencing the same thing here.
Same message from github web page when I try to setup a scheduled reminder to a private Slack channel:

The channel (...) was not found. 
Check that it exists and that @github has been invited to it

Github APP has been added to the Slack channel

GitHubAPP was added to this conversation by O.G.

I can see the following help message when Slacking /github on the said channel:

GitHub APP :wave: Need some help with /github?
Subscribe to notifications for a repository:
/github subscribe owner/repository

Unsubscribe from notifications for a repository:
/github unsubscribe owner/repository

Subscribe to notifications for all repositories in an organization:
/github subscribe owner

Unsubscribe from notifications for an organization:
/github unsubscribe owner

Subscribe to additional features and adjust the configuration of your subscription (Learn more):
/github subscribe owner/repository reviews,comments


@rickyH @nonifier - is the Slack channel in question perhaps one that was created as a public channel, but was later made private? I can see we’ve had a few reports about that, and they seem to have had similar symptoms!

Slack’s support team confirmed that this problem exists with channels that have originally been created as public and at some point converted to private. The recommendation they provided to avoid these issues is to make a new private channel, not a converted one, and use it as your host for repository notifications.

Does that work in your cases?


@yamiacat having the same issue as well, this is for a channel that has been private since creation. Any other suggestions or ideas? :slight_smile:

Thanks @yamiacat, it was indeed a public chan converted to a private one. I created a new private channel, and it worked like a charm.

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