Scheduled reminders "Ignore approved pull requests" option not working


It’s the first time I am posting here, so please bear with me if I am not posting in the right place or do not provide enough details.

Basically, I am facing what I believe to be a GitHub bug. I’ve created a scheduled reminder with the purpose of alerting my dev team of pull requests that they need to review (which are not approved).

My scheduled reminder is pretty basic. I chose two repositories, chose to “Ignore drafts” and added a label to ignore. I also ticked the “Ignored approved pull requests” option (the most important for my use case) and chose “Ignore with 1 or more approvals”, as our PRs are considered as Approved as long as a single person approves them.

All filters are taken into account, except the “Ingored approved pull requests” one. All PRs are sent to our Slack channel, no matter if they are approved or not.

I’ve tried everything I could think of but it’s simply not working the way it should. I’ve also opened a ticket with GitHub, but haven’t received any reply for more than 2 weeks.

Thank you!

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