Scheduled reminders do not show all available repos in "Only select repositories" dropdown

When setting up a scheduled reminder for a Team within GitHub, I only want to choose selected repositories to be reminded of (our team has access to 100+ repos - we don’t want notifications for these).

But when I choose the ‘Only select repositories’, it lists only 3 repos and it does  not list the repos that I want to set reminders for at all. 

How can I select only a few repos in the scheduled Slack reminders? I’d like to move off of our 3rd party reminder bot, but this is blocking. 


Hi @jennifer-shehane,

Thank you for being here! It might be useful to check that the Slack App installation includes all repositories you wish to configure to send scheduled reminders for pull requests. The repositories shown in the drop down list are the result of performing a union of all repositories where the team has admin permissions, and those which have the Slack App installed.

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THANK YOU! This would be incredibly helpful if it was added to these two pages because I was tearing my hair out trying to figure out why only 1 repository was listed as available to send messages to :angry:

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Thank you! This solved it completely for our team.