Scheduled reminder cannot authorize slack

To setup scheduled reminder instead of pull reminder, our team should authorize slack. However, cannot authorize and cannot know what is the reason.

스크린샷 2020-07-31 오후 3.07.23

I clicked “Authorize Slack Workspace”, and “continue”.

But, I met 404 page.

What’s wrong?

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Hi @baeharam! :wave:

Are you still experiencing this problem?

Are you currently using any sort of browser extensions such as ad blockers that might be interfering with the page? Could you try temporarily disabling extensions and trying again please?

Hi @yamiacat, I disabled adblock chrome extension. However, it doesn’t still work.

Thanks for trying that out.
Just to be clear, were all Chrome extensions disabled?

Could you list all the steps taken before you get to the error you are seeing?
If there is a bug here, we need to know exactly how to reproduce.

I disabled all chrome extensions and retried. But, it’s failed.
I just followed github guideline to setup scheduled reminder for slack.
When authenticated with our organization slack, redirected to 404 error page.
I hope this problem could be solved ASAP.

@baeharam please check the dev tools for your browser under Network to get more detailed info on the 404 you are receiving and paste those results here.

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There is no special result. Also, our slack has already installed Github App , so I think it could be problem. Does existing app could be cause for this issue?

Hi @baeharam I know you referenced the standard steps here, but I could really use the step-by-step account what you did from the beginning to get to that error.

Uninstall the Slack application from the GitHub apps and try again to authorize it.

  • Start from where you are logging into (org or personal profile)
  • Each step taken after that.
  • What did you expect to happen , and what actually happened?

Thx @ernest-phillips, What I did to get error is like below steps.

  1. Remove slack from github and github from slack
  2. Go to organization > settings > scheduled reminder
  3. Click Authorize Slack workspace button, and add github to slack with authentication.
  4. Redirect to 404 error page.

I think it means that there are problems with Github’s authentication logic. What do you think?