Scheduled notifications work for one organization but not for another

In my GitHub user account, I’ve configured scheduled notifications for two organizations I’m a member of. The configuration for both is completely identical: both are set up to send notifications to the same Slack workspace, and other options are the same as well. Also, both organizations’ repositories have something I should receive notifications about (pull requests which have a review request for me). However, I only receive notifications from one of them. Even if I use “Send a test reminder” button on, it works for one organization but not for the other (GitHub says that a reminder is sent, but nothing appears in Slack). How to make it work for both organizations?

Hi @abacabadabacaba! :wave: Welcome to the Community!

It sounds like what could be happening here is that one of your orgs has app restrictions enabled, and one of them doesn’t?

Ask an owner of the organization that it’s not working for to check the org settings, and potentially they’ll need to manually approve the Slack app:

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