Scheduled GitHub action failed

I received the following error:

Error occurred while executing servicing step 'Disable Early Adopter customer stage lookup' for component CreateCollection.Framework during CreateCollection: DisableEarlyAdopterCustomerStageLookup is an invalid servicing step type for step performer FeatureAvailability during CreateCollection.

Any idea what it means? Looks like no steps of my workflow even tried to run.


Saw same issue, and now seeing:

The following team project collection is stopped: NQU6DH3hYFlNbTFKPwi6Mc3tUM2lsysNsZY4rpXRY2EhgYWOOi. Start the collection and then try again. Administrator Reason: Creating Collection Host
This check failed

Seeing the exact same here as well. I’m thinking there’s something wrong in the GitHub Actions infrastructure at the moment.

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Same issue for me with 2 repositories (managed runner and self-hosted runner).

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Seeing the same issue here as well. I take it to mean that it GitHub is unable to create the host the actions will run on. Nothing has changed in our action configuration, so I second/third/fourth/fifth the idea that Actions are broken.

I am getting the same error as “This Check failed” for any github action triggered 

My action runs every hour on the hour, this time I got:

Circuit Breaker "" short-circuited. In the last 10000 milliseconds, there were: 9 failure, 0 timeout, 21 short circuited, 0 concurrency rejected, and 0 limit rejected. Last exception: System.Threading.Tasks.TaskCanceledException A task was canceled.

If everybody else is having issues too I guess the problems are on GitHub’s end. However, their status page is showing everything is ok.

I was just able to get an action to run.

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Same, it’s back for the moment.

Apologies - this is an internal GitHub error message. We were rolling out a new deployment that had errors for some workflows, and I’m afraid that yours was one of the workflows affected.

We’ve rolled that deployment back - if you run your workflow now, the problem should be resolved. Apologies for the inconvenience!


It seems this is happenning again for last half an hour or so but I dont see it on