Scheduled events are substantially delayed

Over the last weeks I’ve noticed that many scheduled events are delayed by some hours.
This applies both to organization accounts with many scheduled events at the same time (which may be caused by the limitation of free builds at the same time) and to private accounts with few scheduled builds which should not suffer from this limitation.

This delay goes up to 12 hours sometimes, defeating the purpose of scheduled runs completely in some instances.

Is this a general upstream capacity problem of GitHub Actions currently?

There is Concurrent jobs limitation for GitHub Actions:

What’s your GitHub plan? Are your scheduled workflows has more jobs than the limitation? Do you Hosted MacOs runner?

Thanks @yanjingzhu.

I am aware of the limits as stated in my first post.

However, a delay of up to 12h sometimes (it differs every day) seems odd.
Also, on my personal account I do not have that many scheduled builds which should cause such an overall delay.

This is probably hard to debug and I do not have time to count all starting times of all repos and do the math.
We’ve made the switch from Travis CI to GHA lately and never had any delay issues for scheduled builds on Travis although Travis concurrent jobs limit is lower than the one on GHA.

Sorry for letting you suffering from this. I found an issue in our internal channel, the schedule jobs are at 2x or 5x scale as usual. It is beyond the current process rate of scheduled jobs. So there are some delay . Also we know that it bring significant pain for our customers. GitHub engineering team are working on a way to resolve this issue and improve schedule job behavior. Your understanding will be appreciated.