Scheduled action running consistently late

I have an action configured like

    - cron: "00 03 * * *"

name: my workflow


I expect it to run daily at 03:00 UTC, or on manual triggers. However, it’s been getting triggered a few minutes late, every day – in the actions page for that workflow, it says it’s been running at around 03:14 UTC every day.

Is there something wrong with the config?


This seems to be a fact of life with regard to scheduled jobs. Further I’ve discovered that there is some unpublished window within which if they haven’t run they get skipped :frowning:


This is alarming. Between this and the workflow concurrency issue I ran into this week, it undermines GA as a CI and dev workflow replacement. I’m hopeful that both of these issues are growing pains and will get resolution.

Most of the time, there is a delay when triggering the scheduled workflow. This is a legacy issue.

Earlier, we had reported this issue to the appropriate engineering team for further investigation and evaluation.

Thanks for that info, @brightran. I think that it is probably reasonable that issues exist, though the request is that the behavior at least be documented.

For example, a note should appear in the on.schedule documentation.

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Is there any update on whether it’s something that will get worked on and improved and, if so, an expected date for that to happen?

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:slight_smile: GitHub recently announced that they’ve Open Sourced their documentation, so you could open a PR and suggest an edit:


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