Schedule event did not trigger

Someone to help me with this problem. I have defined schedule.yml which need to trigger action on defined time. But that never happen.

name: Scheduled Reports

    - cron: '20 6 * * *'

@jasminhusadzic ,

Whether the Schedule workflow is defined in a forked repository?
If so, here is an earlier reported ticket about the same question:

As we had explained in that ticket, we only sync schedules on pushes, so when a repository is forked, and there are no pushes after launch app for GitHub Actions is installed there, workflows with existing schedules that may exist don’t run automatically.
The workaround is to setup a workflow runs on Push event, and push something to trigger this workflow at least once, then the Schedule workflow can be triggered normally.

If not a  forked repository, please share your repository with us, so that we can check more detailed configurations of the workflow in your repository to analyze the root cause.

My schedule action don’t work too, but in main project.
Here the project

My schedule action don’t work too. Really don’t know how to fix.