Scam in progress - not sure what else I can do
Notice he changes the receive wallet.

Found the youtube vid associated with it. - YouTube

I’ve reported to git/youtube, not sure what else to do. Feel bad for these people refreshing the bs scan page.
Wallets -
0x5E33a9e7bd4Fe61EA1e7B944721587362bc7178C - $ 2,099.25
0xE674fbD831FC4c5097519FE99C67b465C2062A8e - $ 7,633.88

Am I dumb or is this a scam?


He’s at it again , new channel new wallets.

been hunting him on Github

Hi Guys, same happened to me

pragma solidity ^0.5.0;

contract Manager {
    function performTasks() public pure{
    function pancakeswapDepositAddress() public pure returns (address) {
        return 0xBDB52f7b7f80e8D31274524886050adC3feb7F06;

this file is hosted somewhere on pinata cloud and points to another adress: 0xBDB52f7b7f80e8D31274524886050adC3feb7F06

Youtube Channel Blockchain Arbitrage

Got caught on this one!
Crypto is in that wallet, no returns whatsoever.
Be aware guys.

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I had a feeling this was sus af. I feel awful for those who took this at face value and used thius contract without checking the code. I’m so glad I took the time to dig deep, and by doing so led me to thi thread!

Stay safe everyone!