Save textbox value to whatever i write down on it.

I am working in wordpress. So i am trying to add a text box, where I can submit whether one of the orders the users send me thru contact form 7, has been completed by my team, or the job is still pending. When i right something down in the textbox, and afterward I refresh the page, the text is no longer written down, the text boxes are empty. I need whatever i write down to stay there.

this is in the flaminco plug in. the last column to the right.

this is the code i edited in the plug in for it.

function column_estado( $item ) {
return sprintf(
‘<input type=”text”/>’,
$item->id );

i never really delt with code before, that is all i could come up with

I am working on the website offline. so i put a link to a picture of it. Again the column i am trying to do this in is the last to the right
Thanks so much in advance.?

Hi @brakhais, thanks for posting! We’re glad you’re here.

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