Save data from timer in swift

Hi! I´m totally rooky and I´m trying to lern swift coding making an app with xcode. All I´ve lerned it was thanks to github and youtube, but now I don´t know how to go ahead. I would like to know if some one here can to tell me some step to follow becouse I don´t know if I have to creat a table view, two table view or doing something diferent for showing the data I need to show. I think to storage data the best way is with firebase but I´m not sure if it is better with coredata. I hope some one can to orient me. I attach some pics from my proyect to show exactly what I want to do. Thank you so much!!

I don’t know much about Swift so can’t be really helpful there (there seem to be a couple of good YT video’s about it though:, but I can tell you that Firebase is a way to store your data somewhere on a server and Coredata is (I believe at least) some kind of conversion system built by Apple to transform data and not suited for the storage itself. So in that way, Firebase would be the way to go.