SAML single sign-on at an Enterprise Cloud OR at Organization

Hi there,
I see an option to setup the SAML SSO at my Enterprise Cloud, as well as at my Organizations we created. What difference does it make in setting up the SAML SSO at an Enterprise OR an Organization level?
Will there be any difficulty in managing users at the Organizations when we setup the SAML SSO at an Enterprise? Please advise.


Setting up at the Enterprise level will require SSO for all your organisations, so it’s probably a lot less work in the long run unless you have some organisations where SSO is inconvenient.

In that case, you can set up each organisation on its own as required.

I don’t think either method should cause any real heartache.

If you have worries about specific complications, let me know.

For an enterprise needing one or more different orgnanization SAML settings, this is limitation and concern from a security posture standpoint.
As your Enterprise account cannot have SSO enabled, so your enterprise admins (which are a privileged role) are using native github accounts alone for enterprise activity. which for the security conscious enterprise is an unwanted risk.