SAML Integration: Account selection screen

We currently have SAML SSO configured for our organization and are having a significant issue with the platform.

In the SAML flow, after GitHub sends an authnrequest to the IdP (Azure AD), the IdP is signing me in automatically based on the last used account for that IdP. However, I have multiple active accounts with that provider and would expect the ability to pick from the list of currently active accounts.

This is possible in the OAuth flow by passing prompt=select_account in the request, but I am not seeing anything similar in the SAML protocol that would help.

It’s rather inconvenient to need to sign out of all of my accounts just to re-sign in to GitHub. Can you please provide some guidance on how to set up SAML integration so that we can have an account selection screen if multiple accounts are active?

Images below are of another application using a similar AD integration.