Same issue has different content when viewed from different computers

I’m having a peculiar problem viewing an issue I filed.  On my Mac with Safari, I can see comments that I’ve added to the issue.  They were submitted and still show after I hit refresh or open the same issue in a new tab.

However, on Windows 10 Home, I do not see the same content.  My comments do not show.  This happens in both Chrome and Edge.  Refreshing the page does not help.  I’m signed in to my Github account on Chrome, but not on Edge.  In Chrome, I’ve opened the developer tools and done a hard reload (i.e. not from cache).  It still only shows partial content as compared to what I see on the Mac.

Any ideas?  I’m doing my development on Windows, and it’s pretty inconvenient switching computers to post on the issue.

The project is dotnet/runtime, and it’s issue 30218, if it helps.

Nevermind.  It turns out one window was on the pull request, not the issue.