Same git json attribute x_github_delivery for different webhook events

I see multiple “x_github_delivery” with the same value. Further look into the JSON attribute I found commit ID also same.

However, "serialize_ts " is unique for all these events.

My question is at what condition above could happened?

I was assuming “x_github_delivery” must contain unique value for each event.

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Hi there @gsm23 :wave:

Off the top, one possible answer could be multiple endpoints subscribed to the same webhook.

Are you able to let us know which repository you’re working from? If it’s private, I can initiate DM so I can do a bit of digging/reproduction on a repo of my own.

Thanks for your response.

My code is in enterprise GitHub.

I have defined the webhook at Org level and it is the only endpoint configured.

Hey @gsm23 thanks so much for clarifying! Since you’re working with GH Enterprise, I would recommend that you reach out directly to our Enterprise Support team:

They should be able to help out!