Running more than one runner service on host

Right now we want to have a runner per specific repo versus an org. However if we do this, then it would be helpful to have a means to run more than one service. The problem is that is constructed with the service name being action.runner.

Is there an easier way to run more than one runner service on a host? I can edit to make the change, but curious if there is thought of having a way to just pass the argument for this?

Or is this not a suggested practice.

I’d also be curious if there is thought on allowing more than one repo to share the same runner.

Does having each runner in a separate folder work for your use-case ?
All our runners are in the same org but I have successfully created and registered multiple runners in automation on the same VM, just having them on different folders e.g. ~/actions-runner and ~/actions-runner-2 ; the second one is registered with an appropriate name on its systemd service.

@totogtr yes this works and is what I am doing now. Are you also just modifying the file to change the service name as well?

My apologies as I didn’t mention I’m on Mac. So just having a separate directory isn’t enough. The register/install the service, one needs unique names … simply having a separate directory is not sufficient.