Running CS/CSPROJ files on Terminal

Good morning,

How do I run a GitHub project written in C language? I’m using a Terminal emulator (Termux for Android), so I’m trying to install & run the following repo:

Using Termux, it goes like this:

gh repo clone arcanecfg/Instagram-Private-Scraper

cd Instagram-Private-Scraper

I’ve tried several packages (npm, mono, clang, gcc) in order to compile & run the script, nothing works. I’m completely lost :frowning: the GitHub project has .cs and .csproj files which (I guess) I’m gonna need Microsoft Visual Studio in my PC…

Hey there :wave:

Looks like you’re wondering about the usage of a project that’s hosted on GitHub. It looks like that repository does not have Discussions enabled. So I would suggest the best course of action to get assistance with that, or any individual public repository, would be to open an issue with them:

If you have questions about the GitHub platform itself, which hosts that repository, feel free to open up a new topic.

Thank you! Actually, I’m wondering how to compile & run a file written in C language.

I know how to use the repo, but, in fact… the owner of the repo does not provide any instructions at all. He’s no longer giving support so I guess I’ll just have to run the program in my PC.

You might do with leveraging guides like:

Though, for that specific repository (while I should try to remain impartial) seems potentially unethical. It suggests that it will pull photos from private Instagram accounts, which that individual user may not agree to. I can imagine that since this tool was created, Instagram’s API no longer allows for that sort of behavior, but I’ve not actually looked at the Instagram API, nor do I intend to.

But for support regarding that repository, you would need to contact the maintainer. And for simply “how to C?” I think that guide is a decent start, but there are many other guides out there in the wild as well.

Thank you very much for the information.

I agree with the ethical discussion, and we both know GitHub hosts several hacking tools (amongst other “interesting” tools)… I just guess how to run any C lang file using a Terminal/Linux based environment.

I have wide experience in OOP, including Java, JS and C++… I’ve tried several methods in order to compile and run C programs here on my cellphone, but I’m still having a hard time.

Appreciate your help, man.