Running a php script - getting "The requested resource does not exist."


I have been battling this for a few days without success.

I am running a php script and getting the following output when running it

The requested resource does not exist.
##[error]Process completed with exit code 1.

I am prefixing the script with

php -d display_errors -d error_reporting=32767 ......

but not getting any output whatsoever.

I have tried it on a self-hosted runner as well running ubuntu but it hasn’t helped.

It seems that the runner is killing it without saying why.

There is absolutely nothing in the github runner log either (in the _diag directory)

Where do I go from here?

Is PHP available on the runner your using?

Looks like this might help.

php is installed and the script works with some parameters but not others.

The problem is that I cannot see any useful error

Well can you narrow down the conditions where it doesn’t work? ex: Input strings with spaces.

Another option would be to use standard shell output redirection to write to a file and then attach the output to the workflow run so that you can debug. ex:
php myscript myinput > log.txt or php myscript myinput > log.txt 2>&1

    - name: Attach PHP Log
      uses: actions/upload-artifact@v1
        name: PHP Log
        path: log.txt

@dniasoff ,

Have you enabled debug logging in your repository?
If not, you can try to enable the debug logging in your repository and run the workflow again to see if you can get more information from the debug logs.
To view more details about debug logging, you can see “Enabling debug logging”.